Stories from a non-Program Trained Writer

Sergio Troncoso, who recently appeared in San Antonio at the Twig Book Shop, is a writer and professor of creative writing who does not hold a degree in creative writing from an MFA program. Instead, his background is in Philosophy. In fact, during his Twig appearance he told the story about how he was near the end of his graduate studies in Philosophy and in the middle of writing his thesis when he realized very few people would ever read it. But he knew people continue to read stories, so he began to move away from his scholarly work on philosophical concepts and instead dedicated himself to exploring some of the philosophical challenges that we people encounter in life in works of fiction. As an immigrant son from the El Paso region of Texas, philosophical issues related to borders, border crossings, and the the kinds of double consciousness that can develop in those of us who have inhabited different and often antithetical cultural and political worlds play an important role in his works, especially his latest book of stories, A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son

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